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Granulation equipment series

KZL Series Rapid Granulation (Crushing) Machine

Profile:KZL Series Quick Whole (crushed) is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, to good effect. The machine has a well-designed filter, rod, can crush large pieces of fragile materials, and according to the principle of centrifugal force, with a special hole filter, careful screening, special friction filter rod pieces can crush and filter solid Particles while grinding large chunks.

Detailed description

Work principle
 ◎ work fever. Less dust. 
 ◎ The stator screen is made of stainless steel and is not easily damaged. 
 ◎ The gap between the crushing knife and the screen is adjustable. 
 ◎ can handle sticky, gummy, hot and wet materials. 
 Adaptable materials
 ◎ dry, wet particle homogenization, whole grain. 
 ◎Crushing and sizing of briquette materials. 
 ◎ wet material granulation. 
 ◎ heat-sensitive material crushed. 
 Technical specifications

Stator diameterMm100180300
Stator lengthMm98178298
Production capacityKg/h20-150100-1500200-2500
Rotating speedRmp180-1400180-1400200-1400

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