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Granulation equipment series

SET series single screw extrusion granulator

Profile:The screw extrusion granulator is used for wet granulation of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, etc. to produce a variety of particles. The granules produced by this machine are rigidly extruded by screws and stencils, so the granules are regular in shape, and the texture is fine and compact. There is a device for cutting off granules at the discharge port, and the slivers naturally dry into a section of granules after drying.

Detailed description

          In the dispersion where the solid powder and liquid coexist and are based on a solid phase, the dispersion is self-adhesive (or with an external binder) and forced through (such as extrusion, gravity, centrifugal force, mechanical force, airflow) Impetus, etc.) The basic particles of the solid powder adhere to each other and increase. And form a certain shape and size of uniform, concentrated particles. The wet granulation equipment consists mainly of equipment for mixing (kneading), granulation, drying and auxiliary systems. After the powder is mixed (kneaded), it enters a granulator to form a moisture-containing product having a desired particle size, and is dried to obtain a granular product, thereby achieving the purpose of granulation.

          SET type single screw extruding granulator is divided into the front discharge type and side discharge type. The front discharge type granulation diameter is generally selected between 1.5-12mm, and the side discharge type granulation diameter is generally between 0.7-2.0. The shape of the pellets is selected as a cylinder, and the granulation rate is ≥ 95%. The discharge port is provided with a device for cutting off particles. After the strips are dried, they naturally become a section of granules. A water cooling device is provided at the front end of the equipment to reduce the temperature in the tubes. Material speed.


 Application range: 
          Widely applicable to products that require granulation in rubber additives, food additives, plastic additives, powdered activated carbon, catalysts, feed, pesticides, dyes, pigments, daily chemical, pharmaceuticals and other industries. 
 The main advantages: 
          Because the pulverulent material finishes the granulation process in the wet state, the operating conditions of granulation and subsequent processes (such as drying, packaging, etc.) are greatly improved. Generally, it can reduce dust on site by more than 90%. Through granulation, the phenomenon of agglomeration, bridging, and pulsation, which are prone to occur in powder products, can be avoided, and secondary pollution brought about by the use of the powder during the use process can be avoided, and the physical properties of the product can be greatly improved. Under normal circumstances, the bulk density of granulated products has been greatly improved, thus saving space for transportation, storage, and packaging. For multi-component compounding and compounding products, granulation can avoid segregation of components and thus truly guarantee the quality of composite products.

Technical Parameters:


Screw diameter

Motor power [kw]

Speed [rdivm]

Dimension L*D*H[mm]

Equipment weight [kg]



















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